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Dusky Control - list of Sky remote codes

Where the same code is present with and without a key_ prefix, the one with the prefix is the one sent by the (now discontinued) 'Sky Navigator' when the remote is opened up so the keyboard is visible.

To control a Sky HD, you may use either the sky+ codes or the sky HD ones - sky HD boxes respond to both sets of signals.

To control a Foxtel iQ, use the Sky+ codes.

To control a Foxtel Pace 420, use the Sky codes.

Please see the protocol documentation for a full explanation of how to use these control codes.
Button Sky Sky+Sky HDASCII protocol
0 00000C00 5C000
1 00010C01 5C011
2 00020C02 5C022
3 00030C03 5C033
4 00040C04 5C044
5 00050C05 5C055
6 00060C06 5C066
7 00070C07 5C077
8 00080C08 5C088
9 00090C09 5C099
power 000C0C0C 5C0Cfp
channel-up 00200C20 5C20f+
channel-down 00210C21 5C21f-
pause 0024(*)0C24 5C24fa
fastforward 0028(*)0C28 5C28ff
text 003C0C3C 5C3Cft
rewind 003D(*)0C3D 5C3Dfw
play 003E(*)0C3E 5C3Efl
stop 003F(*)0C3F 5C3Ffs
record 0040(*)0C40 5C40fr
Button Sky Sky+Sky HDASCII protocol
low-battery -- 5C47N/A
cursor-up 00580C58 5C58cu
cursor-down 00590C59 5C59cd
cursor-left 005A0C5A 5C5Acl
cursor-right 005B0C5B 5C5Bcr
select 005C0C5C 5C5Ccs
red 006D0C6D 5C6DCR
green 006E0C6E 5C6ECG
yellow 006F0C6F 5C6FCY
blue 00700C70 5C70CB
boxoffice 007D0C7D 5C7Dbo
services 007E0C7E 5C7Esr
sky 00800C80 5C80sk
help 00810C81 5C81hl
backup 00830C83 5C83bk
tv 00840C84 5C84tv
i 00CB0CCB 5CCBif
tvguide 00CC0CCC 5CCCtg
interactive 00F50CF5 5CF5in
key_power 030C020C5D0C(+)kp
Button Sky Sky+Sky HDASCII protocol
key_ch+ 032002205D20(+)k+
key_ch- 032102215D21(+)k-
key_left 035D025D5D5D(+)kl
key_right 035E025E5D5E(+)kr
key_up 035F025F5D5F(+)ku
key_down 036002605D60(+)kd
key_select 036102615D61(+)ks
key_help 036202625D62(+)kh
key_text 036302635D63(+)kx
key_info 036402645D64(+)ki
key_backup 036502655D65(+)kb
key_red 036602665D66(+)kR
key_green 036702675D67(+)kG
key_yellow 036802685D68(+)kY
key_blue 036902695D69(+)kB
key_sky 038002805D80(+)kS
key_tv 038402845D84(+)kT
key_home 038802885D88(+)kH
key_del 038902895D89(+)kX
key_end 038A028A5D8A(+)kE
Button Sky Sky+Sky HDASCII protocol
key_pageup 038B028B5D8B(+)kU
key_pagedown 038C028C5D8C(+)kD
key_esc 038D028D5D8D(+)ke
key_tab 038E028E5D8E(+)ka
key_return 038F028F5D8F(+)kJ
key_backspace 039002905D90(+)kc
key_space 039102915D91(+)kw
key_a 039602965D96(+)Ka
key_b 039702975D97(+)Kb
key_c 039802985D98(+)Kc
key_d 039902995D99(+)Kd
key_e 039A029A5D9A(+)Ke
key_f 039B029B5D9B(+)Kf
key_g 039C029C5D9C(+)Kg
key_h 039D029D5D9D(+)Kh
key_i 039E029E5D9E(+)Ki
key_j 039F029F5D9F(+)Kj
key_k 03A002A05DA0(+)Kk
key_l 03A102A15DA1(+)Kl
key_m 03A202A25DA2(+)Km
Button Sky Sky+Sky HDASCII protocol
key_n 03A302A35DA3(+)Kn
key_o 03A402A45DA4(+)Ko
key_p 03A502A55DA5(+)Kp
key_q 03A602A65DA6(+)Kq
key_r 03A702A75DA7(+)Kr
key_s 03A802A85DA8(+)Ks
key_t 03A902A95DA9(+)Kt
key_u 03AA02AA5DAA(+)Ku
key_v 03AB02AB5DAB(+)Kv
key_w 03AC02AC5DAC(+)Kw
key_x 03AD02AD5DAD(+)Kx
key_y 03AE02AE5DAE(+)Ky
key_z 03AF02AF5DAF(+)Kz
key_uppera 03B002B05DB0(+)KA
key_upperb 03B102B15DB1(+)KB
key_upperc 03B202B25DB2(+)KC
key_upperd 03B302B35DB3(+)KD
key_uppere 03B402B45DB4(+)KE
key_upperf 03B502B55DB5(+)KF
key_upperg 03B602B65DB6(+)KG
Button Sky Sky+Sky HDASCII protocol
key_upperh 03B702B75DB7(+)KH
key_upperi 03B802B85DB8(+)KI
key_upperj 03B902B95DB9(+)KJ
key_upperk 03BA02BA5DBA(+)KK
key_upperl 03BB02BB5DBB(+)KL
key_upperm 03BC02BC5DBC(+)KM
key_uppern 03BD02BD5DBD(+)KN
key_uppero 03BE02BE5DBE(+)KO
key_upperp 03BF02BF5DBF(+)KP
key_upperq 03C002C05DC0(+)KQ
key_upperr 03C102C15DC1(+)KR
key_uppers 03C202C25DC2(+)KS
key_uppert 03C302C35DC3(+)KT
key_upperu 03C402C45DC4(+)KU
key_upperv 03C502C55DC5(+)KV
key_upperw 03C602C65DC6(+)KW
key_upperx 03C702C75DC7(+)KX
key_uppery 03C802C85DC8(+)KY
key_upperz 03C902C95DC9(+)KZ
key_tvguide 03CC02CC5DCC(+)kt
Button Sky Sky+Sky HDASCII protocol
key_euro 03D102D15DD1(+)ko
key_bang 03D202D25DD2(+)K!
key_quote 03D302D35DD3(+)K"
key_pound 03D402D45DD4(+)kP
key_dollar 03D502D55DD5(+)K$
key_percent 03D602D65DD6(+)K%
key_caret 03D702D75DD7(+)K^
key_ampersand 03D802D85DD8(+)K&
key_asterisk 03D902D95DD9(+)K*
key_openbracket 03DA02DA5DDA(+)K(
key_closebracket 03DB02DB5DDB(+)K)
key_underscore 03DC02DC5DDC(+)K_
key_minus 03DD02DD5DDD(+)K-
key_plus 03DE02DE5DDE(+)K+
key_equals 03DF02DF5DDF(+)K=
key_leftcurleybracket 03E002E05DE0(+)K{
key_rightcurleybracket 03E102E15DE1(+)K}
key_leftsquarebracket 03E202E25DE2(+)K[
key_rightsquarebracket 03E302E35DE3(+)K]
key_colon 03E402E45DE4(+)K:
Button Sky Sky+Sky HDASCII protocol
key_semicolon 03E502E55DE5(+)K;
key_at 03E602E65DE6(+)K@
key_apostrophe 03E702E75DE7(+)K'
key_tilde 03E802E85DE8(+)K~
key_hash 03E902E95DE9(+)K#
key_lessthan 03EA02EA5DEA(+)K<
key_greaterthan 03EB02EB5DEB(+)K>
key_comma 03EC02EC5DEC(+)K,
key_dot 03ED02ED5DED(+)K.
key_questionmark 03EE02EE5DEE(+)K?
key_slash 03EF02EF5DEF(+)K/
key_backslash 03F002F05DF0(+)K\
key_interactive 03F502F55DF5(+)kI
key_0 03F602F65DF6(+)K0
key_1 03F702F75DF7(+)K1
key_2 03F802F85DF8(+)K2
key_3 03F902F95DF9(+)K3
key_4 03FA02FA5DFA(+)K4
key_5 03FB02FB5DFB(+)K5
key_6 03FC02FC5DFC(+)K6
Button Sky Sky+Sky HDASCII protocol
key_7 03FD02FD5DFD(+)K7
key_8 03FE02FE5DFE(+)K8
key_9 03FF02FF5DFF(+)K9

(*)These codes are included for completeness as they are sent by the sky navigator when it is setup to talk to a sky box. The codes won't do anything went sent to a normal sky box, though I have had an isolated report of a sky+ box that would only accept the sky codes and not the sky+ ones.

(+)The Sky HD boxes respond to both this code and a number of others in the 5XXX space. No official remote control has been issued that sends these codes yet, so it is not known which of the accepted codes is the 'official' set.

Additional codes

ASCII protocolMeaning
plLong press on power key. Sends Sky box into deep standby. Note that hardware limitations in some (but not all) Sky boxes mean it is not possible to bring them out of deep sleep from a Dusky controller. (Available from f/w version 4.0.2)
rResend last command as if key is held down. This can be used to send cursor up/down/left/right repeats faster than the normal commands, for example to scroll fast in the EPG. (Available from f/w version 4.0.7)

Global 'Super Plus Combiner'

If you are using a Global 'Super Plus Combiner', the commands given above will operate the digibox connected to port 0. For the other ports, add the port number to the first byte of the code. For example:

Binary protocol

The binary protocol for the SPC4 is supported on all versions of firmware.
Original code
(Port 0)
Port 1Port 2Port 3

ASCII protocol

An ASCII protocol to control the SPC4 is available in firmware version 1.1.3 and upwards.

This table shows how to send the "Sky" button depending on the type of Sky box and the SPC port it is connected to:
Box typeNo SPC /
SPC Port 0
Port 1Port 2Port 3

SPC4 notes

The Sky Navigator key codes (prefixed 'key_' in the above table) can not be used when a Super Plus Combiner is in use - this is a limitation of the combiner.
Joseph Heenan, joseph@dusky-control.com