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Stock items are normally dispatched within 1-2 days except where next day delivery is paid for. 'Made to order' items are dispatched within the stated lead time. Please check the bottom of this page for any stock updates.

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Controllers for Sky+/Sky+HD boxes with RF2 port:

sky control serial 2 output - connects to RF2 port£75
sky control serial 5 output - connects to RF2 port£180
sky control serial 10 output - connects to RF2 port£300
sky control serial 15 output - connects to RF2 port£420
sky control serial 15 output - connects to RF2 port - in 19 inch rack mount case
Made to order, normal lead time 8 weeks (please call first if needed urgently or for different numbers of outputs)

Controllers for Amstrad DRX-595, DRX-890W, DRX-895W I/O port:

Additional I/O port cable (10-pin mini din to RJ45)£15
SkyHD magic eye cable - for I/O port on Amstrad DRX-595,DRX890W,DRX890WL,DRX-895W,DRX-895WL only
Made to order, lead time approx 1 week
standalone SMC-style controller - single output - for I/O port on Amstrad DRX-595. (Not fully compatible with Sky+HD)£60
Sky Control Serial for I/O port - 1 output (for Amstrad DRX-595,DRX890W,DRX890WL,DRX-895W,DRX-895WL)£60
Sky Control Serial for I/O port - 2 outputs (for Amstrad DRX-595,DRX890W,DRX890WL,DRX-895W,DRX-895WL)£75
Sky Control Serial for I/O port - 4 outputs (for Amstrad DRX-595,DRX890W,DRX890WL,DRX-895W,DRX-895WL)£180
Sky Control Serial for I/O port - 8 outputs (for Amstrad DRX-595,DRX890W,DRX890WL,DRX-895W,DRX-895WL)£300
Sky Control Serial for I/O port - 12 outputs (for Amstrad DRX-595,DRX890W,DRX890WL,DRX-895W,DRX-895WL)£420

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Latest stock/dispatch update

28th January 2015: We're processing orders as normal.